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Pond Perils

Posted by Scarecrow's Wife , 02 November 2009 · 752 views

This past weekend we did some more clean-up. Everything went well – for the most part. The very last thing on our to-do list was to place a screen over our little water pond. I wanted to place a screen over the pond that would allow the water from the bubbler to pass through, but keep out leaves and small debris. I gave very specific instructions to my beloved scarecrow as to exactly what type of screen we needed – ¼ inch by ¼ grid-type, flexible, like you use for a rabbit hutch. I wanted this placed over the pond and anchored with bricks and stones to keep it in place. He left for Home Depot and I went into the house to start some laundry. He came back and finished things up in the back, came back in and let me know how everything was done and we were good to go. Great, I thought! We cleaned ourselves up and got ready to go out for dinner. Thankfully, I went out check on the pond and my fish. I say thankfully because the bubbler was efficiently pumping out all of the water! My poor little fish were trying to swim in the five inches of water that remained. The source of all the chaos was the screen that was placed over the pond. My scarecrow had purchased window screen! The holes in the screen were so small that it created a seal which caused all the water that was splashing onto the screen to funnel off to the side – emptying the pond!! Of course I pulled the screen off, checked the fish, partially refilled the pond with some rain water and the rest with the hose. I confronted my scarecrow about why he didn’t buy the screen I requested – had he not seen it, did he ask anyone where he could find it …..
His response was – oh no, I saw it. But then I saw this screen (window screen) and thought if the other screen (rabbit screen) could keep out almost everything, then this screen (window screen) would keep out EVERYTHING! He was right – it kept out everything – even the WATER!!

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