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Pond Perils

Posted by Scarecrow's Wife , 02 November 2009 · 752 views

This past weekend we did some more clean-up.  Everything went well – for the most part.  The very last thing on our to-do list was to place a screen over our little water pond.  I wanted to place a screen over the pond that would allow the water from the bubbler to pass through, but keep out leaves and small debris.  I gave very specific instructions t...


Weekend Casualties

Posted by Scarecrow's Wife , 12 October 2009 · 286 views

This past weekend my Scarecrow and I did some fall clean up.  It was going well, we were actually chatting and joking while we were working – having fun.  We have a general working arrangement; I cut, trim and pull while he rakes, gathers and bags.  This weekend, the clock was counting down and dinner had to be on the table soon if the kids were going g...


My Story

Posted by Scarecrow's Wife , 06 October 2009 · 428 views

I am a wanna-be-gardener who has married a man without a brain - "a scarecrow "!  Please know that I do love my "scarecrow", which is why I have decided to protect his true identity with an alias.I need to VENT - I mean "share my story ".  I am sure there are others out there who share my misfortune.  I hope to hear from you -...

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