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Pepper seedlings & cuttings

Posted by Karin Andresen , 16 March 2012 · 500 views

Transplanted the pepper seedlingsand started new geranium (pelargonium) plants from cuttings using the simple system I wrote about here last year .


Grafted Tomatoes

Posted by Karin Andresen , 11 March 2012 · 641 views

Recently, Nancy Szerlag of the Detroit News wrote about her impressive results with grafted tomatoes. She describes them as "not cheap" but well worth the premium price. Now,


2012 Pepper Seed Starting

Posted by Karin Andresen , 04 March 2012 · 294 views

Many of the pepper seeds I planted a couple of weeks a...


Citrus in Containers

Posted by Karin Andresen , 24 January 2012 · 598 views

During warmer weather, my two potted citrus plants are out on the deck. They overwinter on the window sill with supplemental light from a grow light "icon"


Fall preparation of the vegetable garden completed

Posted by Karin Andresen , 14 October 2011 · 589 views

New Asparagus Bed
This raised bed should provide good drainage for a new asparagus bed. It's been cleared of plants and weeds and covered with cardboard and newspaper which will decompose over the winter. Overwintering the straw bale will kill seeds, preparing it for use as mulch in the 2012 vegetable garden.

Fall Beds Prepared...


Raspberries have been "put to bed"

Posted by Karin Andresen , 08 October 2011 · 213 views

Also, the tomatoes , eggplant and cucumbers have been harvested and the vines removed; spinach and lettuce sown; hairy vetch cover crop planted in empty beds. Today the peppers and beans .


Canning Marinara Sauce

Posted by Karin Andresen , 14 September 2011 · 444 views

I canned my first batch of annual marinara sauce a couple of weeks ago.  This batch of tomatoes, garlic and basil plus onions harvested earlier in the year yielded 20 pints of sauce.  You'll find the marinara sauce recipe  under recipes in the Vegetables Forum .


More Goodies from the Vegetable Garden

Posted by Karin Andresen , 23 August 2011 · 262 views

More tomatoes, onions and leeks this week.


August Tomatoes

Posted by Karin Andresen , 20 August 2011 · 234 views

Loving the tomatoes!  Literally, eating them for breakfast lunch and dinner.  I am also saving the seeds from the first ripe fruits to use when starting plants next year.  You'll find simplified instructions  and photo on how to save tomato seeds at this gallery entry .My favorite cooking resource, Cook's Illustrated, advises storing tomatoes...


Early August Vegetables

Posted by Karin Andresen , 08 August 2011 · 221 views

Love this time of year!  First tomatoes last week and first cucumbers today.  Dill which reseeded from last year going great.  Eggplants, pepper and beans ready very soon.

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